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Victim Offender Conferencing Program

The VOCs Mission

Providing services to crime victims, juvenile offenders, and communities by addressing the harm done due to criminal behavior in an appropriate manner.

*This approach has been shown to both increase victim satisfaction and reduce juvenile delinquency and recidivism*

What is a Victim Offender Conference (VOC)?

  • Evidence-based program that addresses juvenile crime through mediated dialogue.
  • Conference is held between victims and juvenile offenders.
  • In a victim-offender conference the victims of crime and the juvenile offender talk meaningfully in a safe environment about:
    • What happened?
    • How people have been affected?
    • What could be done to make things better?

When Does a VOC Occur?

A victim-offender conference will only take place if:

  •   The offender accepts responsibility for the harm
  •   Both the victim and the offender agree to participate

What is the VOC Committed to?

  • Reviewing each case carefully with both victims and offenders to make sure a VOC will meet their needs
  • Helping each participant to decide their own solutions for addressing the harm done
  • Making sure safety and comfort of clients is a priority
  • Maintaining VOC as a voluntary process
  • Providing quality and ongoing training and evaluation to facilitators in order to ensure quality service delivery
  • Confidentiality

Please download our VOC Brochure for more information.


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