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Bad Check Office

The Bad Check Program operates under the Theft by Deception Status KRS 514.040 and is free to merchants.

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Child Support

The collection of child support is neither a constitutional nor a statutory duty of the county attorney. Steven Gold, however, has agreed to undertake the responsibility of assisting custodial parents receive the payments that they rightfully deserve. The County Attorney’s office is currently under contract with the Commonwealth of Kentucky as its representative in the county to do so.

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Criminal Prosecution

The Henderson County Attorney’s office, Criminal Action Division is responsible for the prosecution of violations of criminal law in Henderson County within the district courts for all traffic and misdemeanor offenses, including DUI’s, cold checks, and domestic violence. The County Attorney’s office is also responsible for prosecutions of juvenile offenses and conducting preliminary hearings on felony offenses. In addition to prosecuting crimes, the County Attorney’s office assists individuals in seeking guardianship over loved ones and represents the Cabinet for Families and Children in Dependency, Neglect, and Abuse cases before the Henderson Family Court. The County Attorney is also a member of the Henderson District Court’s Juvenile Drug Court Team which is aimed at early intervention and treatment of teen addicts. The office is responsible for reviewing reports of criminal offenses submitted by the Kentucky State Police, Henderson Police Department, and the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department.

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Guardianship Information

Kentucky Protection and Advocacy has developed a very good document about guardianship and conservatorship issues. It is strongly encouraged that you read their pamphlet  Thinking About Guardianship if you think guardianship might be right in your situation. Another great resource is Guardianship in Kentucky.

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Delinquent County Taxes

Part of the duties of the county attorney’s office is to collect delinquent ad valorem/property taxes. Once the delinquent taxes have been transferred from the sheriff’s office to the county clerk’s office, it is then the responsibility of the county attorney’s office to collect the delinquent tax bills.

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Victim’s Rights

The office of the Henderson County Attorney takes the rights of victim’s of crimes very seriously. We understand that the criminal justice system can be difficult and complex for victims. To assist victims, we try to work with victims to inform them about how the system works and what they may expect. On this page, you can find some helpful links and information for victims.

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