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County Attorney Traffic Safety (C.A.T.S.) Program


Got a Ticket?

If you receive a traffic citation in Henderson County, Kentucky, you may be eligible to participate in the Henderson County Attorney Traffic Safety (C.A.T.S.) Program.

The CATS Program offers you an opportunity to save time and save money, while preventing points from being added to your license.

In fact, upon successful completion of the CATS Program, your traffic citation will be dismissed.

Henderson County Attorney Traffic Safety (C.A.T.S.) Program

Henderson County Attorney, Steve Gold, is pleased to announce the creation of the Henderson County Attorney Traffic Safety (C.A.T.S.) Program, an alternative program for individuals who received traffic citations for minor traffic offenses in Henderson County, Kentucky. The program was designed to:

  1. Improve the safety of the roads in Henderson County, Kentucky (and surrounding areas) by increasing driver knowledge, experience and accountability;
  2. Save the traffic offender costly court costs and statutory fines in these tough economic times;
  3. Increase the participation of community volunteering to non-profit organizations and religious organizations;
  4. Save time by alleviating crowded court dockets;
  5. Provide traffic offenders with an option to maintain a good driving record; and
  6. To help offenders prevent insurance premium increase


Traffic offenders who qualify can avoid costly court cost, statutory fines and other ramifications of minor offenses by enrolling in and successfully completing the CATS Program. This program is designed to specifically address the behavior of the offender and the safety of the community. The educational course aims to bring awareness of the risks and reasons to practice safer driving habits. The driving simulator aims to increase driver knowledge and experience in risky and dangerous situations and illustrate the dangers of distracted driving and drunk driving.

The CATS Program is designed to reinforce safe driving principles, to instill a sense of community responsibility, and to help those who have committed a moving violation to avoid points and potential insurance premium increases.


Henderson Country Traffic Safety Porgram
  • Tip of the Day
    CATS Program – Volunteer Hours

    “From January 1, 2012 until March 25, 2015, the CATS Program has generated over 6280 volunteer hours (or 5.7 volunteer hours each and every day) for non-profit organizations and churches.”

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